Our Story

Our story began on May 20, 2016, when our team came together during a 12-hour workshop to tackle the refugee crisis through design. We believe that change can occur from the bottom up and that any informed citizen, with the courage and empathy to demand dignity for everyone, can make a difference in someone’s else’s life. Our investigation of the current refugee crisis and asylum seeking application process started in Stockholm (Sweden), where we visited several refugee homes to interview first hand the people that we were designing for. Talking about the refugee crises unfolding around the world, we shared the same perspective: the current isolated solutions needed a more systemic approach.

The Welcome Card is the concept born out of our human-centered design investigation, which we continue to develop as we implement our proposal in Sweden. We are an interdisciplinary Swedish + Italian + American team, consisting of an experience designer, visual designer, migration adviser and IT manager. As a team with a diverse interdisciplinary background, we believe that any individual can offer creative solutions and alternative perspectives to some of the world’s most wicked challenges, traditionally handled by governmental institutions. 

Immigration policies, time and again, lack a human approach, when they should rather be the most human-centered obligation to our fellowmen. The Welcome Card project is a giant systemic approach to changing these policies and the view of the refugee crisis, with the ambition of bringing dignity to the humans behind the asylum application numbers.
— Veronica Polinedrio, Experience Designer and Project Leader