Wildcard Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! The Welcome Card is a systemic adaptable proposal to the current refugee and immigration crises unfolding around the world. The project is one of the five winners of the 2016 What Design Can Do + UNHCR + IKEA Foundation Refugee Challenge and is currently in its implementation phase.

We are currently looking for a couple of passionate individuals who want to join our team and support the work of our design researcher and project leader. You will be working in the development of an open-platform of information, where you will turn our human-centered research on the immigration process into open data for others to use, and in the continued development of a small-scale prototype to benefit asylum seekers and refugees.

Our team consists of a design researcher, IT management consultant and migration adviser. We are a fluid team, often on the go, based between Sweden and the US. We work mostly on our laptops and come together to brainstorm, support one another and celebrate when we complete an objective!

This position is for you, if:

  • you consider yourself a bit of a wildcard! You are the kind of person that has taken on various roles, often not fitting under one general description. You have a sharp mind and curious personality: you might have created an independent study for yourself at school, have developed your own job responsibility based on newly discovered passions and have various interests that set you apart from others!
  • you might already have experience with the asylum seeking or immigration process, refugee resettlement programs and the work of organizations such as the IRC and UNHCR;
  • you have already grown or are starting to develop skills in social entrepreneurship;
  • you are fluent in English (please note that this will be the main form of communication within the team). However, if you speak Swedish, Arabic, Persian or other languages, it would be a plus!
  • you are flexible with your schedule, can dedicate between 8-10 hours a week for the project, and is available for group meetings, both online and in-person when needed;
  • you can dedicate your energy in this project for at least 3 months;
  • and last but not least, you can work on your own as well as with a team, you enjoy talking with people, are generally enthusiastic about new ventures and empathic towards the cause of asylum seekers and refugees.

Skills we would like to add to our team:

  • design skills, from Adobe software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and/or PremierePro/AfterEffects), to design methodologies, such as human-centered design thinking and system design research.
  • business model development, finance for non-profits and social entrepreneurship;
  • social media strategy, in particular for Facebook pages, and website content creation (a bit of writing, uploading images and linking content between website and SoMe pages);
  • fundraising for non-profits and crowd-funding campaign development;

We don’t expect you to fulfill all these requirements and intend to craft a position that fits your time, interests and skills! So please, send us your CV along with a couple of lines about who you are and how you see yourself best fitting and participating in The Welcome Card project.

Please note: these positions are voluntary and are not compensated with a salary. However, your time is important to us and we can work with you to make it meaningful for your personal growth. If you are looking for credits for school, extra points for work or recommendations for a future job, we are happy to look into these options with you to make your time with us as meaningful as possible.

Email interest and/or questions: veronica@thewelcomecard.org, or fill out the form below.

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If you have a portfolio website or CV link, please add the URL here. Alternatively, you can email us at veronica@thewelcomecard.org